white oak floor

White Oak Flooring

White oak flooring is flooring that can be stained with various stains to work with your décor, and it typically has grey tones and/or pinkish hues in the wood. White oak floors also absorb stains and finishes very well. They absorb finishes better than red oak flooring as well. White oak flooring can give your house a rustic look and they can also work with contemporary interior design. They are great options for various rooms in your home including living rooms, dens, and dining rooms. If you want flooring that works well with your rustic or traditional décor, you should look for white oak floors that have a lot of grey tones in the wood. The grey tones make the wood darker and this helps the flooring work really well in rustic décor. If you want to use white oak flooring in a room, or rooms, that are more contemporarily designed, it is a good idea for you to look for flooring with less grey tones in it. The flooring will typically still be dark, since white oak flooring is usually darker than red oak flooring, but it can still work really well in contemporary rooms.

White oak floors are very hard, durable, shock resistant, and resistant to problems like insects and fungi. This makes white oak floors great options for high traffic areas. There are a lot of different white oak varieties to consider when you are shopping for flooring. You can find different types of white oak floors, and information about the floors, at different stores that sell hardwood flooring, and on websites that sell hardwood flooring.

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