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Unfinished Oak Flooring

Unfinished oak flooring is oak flooring that is installed without being finished. This allows you to choose the specific finish that you want to go with your floor. Unfinished oak flooring is relatively easy to find and there are a lot of different choices you have for unfinished flooring. Unfinished white oak flooring and unfinished red oak flooring are available and they can vary greatly in the cut, grain, and the different hues and tones in the wood. If you are planning on buying unfinished oak floors you should look for oak flooring that can absorb finishes well, is very sturdy and dependable, and is insect and fungi resistant.

You should also look for flooring that will work with the décor of the rooms that you want to install the flooring in. Pay attention to the hue and tone of the wood and look for the right type of wood that works with the room and your tastes. If your rooms that you want to install flooring in are more contemporarily decorated, you should probably look for lighter oak flooring that does not have a lot of different hues and tones in it. Dark hues and tones gives oak flooring a more rustic look which is better for more traditional decors. You should also consider your room’s décor when you are looking for finishes for the oak flooring. You can find unfinished oak flooring online and at a variety of different stores that sell hardwood flooring and lumber. If you are not sure what finish will work best with your flooring, there are websites that can help you, and if you buy unfinished oak floors at a store, they can probably help you find the best finish for the oak floor.

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