Oak Flooring Grades

Even though you may think that all oak flooring is the same there are actually some very distinct differences that create some very unique affects that make it important to carefully study all of the flooring solutions that you are considering for purchase in order to make sure that you get the absolute best option for your particular needs.

By studying these grading systems you will be able to discover how you can get solid character from your oak flooring and still maintain a realistic budget for your needs. And if you are wondering how you can go about making sure that you get the absolute best flooring for your home, then you may be surprised to know that there is actually no exact best option. Instead, you will need to carefully consider the combination of several factors and see how those factors work together to combine an overall affect one way or the other.

For example, you can look into clear and select grades that are identified by sawing directions, such as clear plain, clear quartered, select plain, and select quartered. These cuts all provide different appearances as well as durability differences, so you will want to do some side by side comparisons in order to get the best feel for what will work best in your home.

There are also distinctions in the grade and quality of craftsmanship, which includes divisions among premium, custom and economy craftsmanship.

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