How to Sound Proof your Flooring

Oak flooring is both beautiful and sophisticated. It adds elegance, warmth, and character to any room. At times, however, it may also create unwanted noise. If this is a concern preventing you from installing oak flooring in your home, it can be easily solved by sound proofing your oak floors.

When contemplating the best method and product to sound proof your oak floors, it is important to first consider what types of noises you are hoping to eliminate. The first type of noise you may want to avoid is airborne noise. This clatter is created by the sounds from televisions, stereos, voices, and appliances. This noise can be especially irksome if the source is close to your oak floors.

A second problem you may encounter is impact noise. This is caused by the direct interaction between one object and another. In relation to oak flooring, impact noise is most commonly caused by people walking around, but it may also result from objects such as furniture being rolled across the floor. Vibrations from appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines can also cause unwanted impact noise.

If your primary noise concern is airborne, a mass-loaded vinyl barrier is the recommended solution. As this vinyl substance has been fortified with a heavy substance, sound is not able to pass through. To sound proof your floor using a mass-loaded vinyl barrier, the vinyl substance is placed over your existing hardwood floor and your new oak flooring is then installed on top of that.

If your main objective is to protect against impact noise, an acoustic vinyl barrier composite is an ideal one-step solution. This composite combines the sound deadening properties of open cell polyurethane foam with the sound transmission and vibration dampening capabilities of a mass-loaded vinyl barrier. As with the installation of a mass-loaded vinyl barrier, an acoustic vinyl barrier should be secured to the existing hard floor surface and then covered with your new oak flooring.

Regardless of which type of noise you are hoping to avoid or which product you employ to do so, sound proofing your hardwood flooring can immensely improve the overall effect of your new oak floors. Sound proofing your oak flooring provides you with the peace of mind to carry out your everyday activities without worrying about disturbing loved ones or neighbors with unwanted noise. With sound proofed oak floors, any room can be not only beautiful, but a peaceful sanctuary as well.

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