Q: How do I tell the difference between different types of oak flooring other than the color of the flooring?
Fortunately there is a grading system that will help you distinguish the different types of oak flooring that are available. This grading system accounts for factors such as appearance, usability, craftsmanship, grading for satisfaction, pre finished oak flooring, unfinished flooring, and more.

Q: How do I decide which type of oak flooring is best for my home?
It is understandably a bit of a challenge to know exactly which type of oak flooring will best suit your home since there is such a wide variety of choices that are now available in today’s flooring solution marketplace. But you can significantly narrow down your choices when you succeed in keeping the overall style and interior design of your home in mind. This means that you should never consider your flooring choices on their own. Instead, you must always keep the overall look of your home in mind. Just because you absolutely love a particular type of flooring definitely does not automatically make it the best selection for your home. You will want to make sure that the flooring type you choose goes the full distance in adding an excellent complement to your home instead of simply looking great on its own.

Q: How do I decide if modern or antique flooring is the best solution for my home?
While both modern and antique oak flooring both offer some exquisite designs and features that will do justice to your current interior design, your selection should be made based on the existing overall theme of your home. All too many homeowners tend to make the mistake of choosing a flooring option based on the way it looks in the showroom or in the online picture galleries as opposed to how it will complement and fit in with their home’s existing design. Make sure your flooring matches the rest of your major design features and you will pick a winning combination.

Q: How do I decide if unfinished or pre finished oak flooring is best for my home?
Well, the first main difference between these two flooring options is the price. Unfinished flooring features less materials and labor that went into the production and manufacturing so it is almost always the cheaper option. This make unfinished flooring a great choice of you are on a strict budget and would like to do the staining yourself in order to keep a little extra money in your pocket. Unfinished flooring also allows you to completely customize your flooring. However, if you do not have much handyman experience you will definitely want to opt for the pre finished flooring options.

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