Antique Oak Flooring

If you would like to do wonders for your home’s interior design then there is a very good chance that you will love what all the different types of antique oak flooring options have to offer you. Plus, there are several different types and distinctions of antique flooring that you can select from which means that you can seek out a completely customized approach to redesigning your home’s interior.

Some of the more popular antique options include flooring that features an aged patina, complete with stress cracks and some original saw marks combined with nail holes and solid knots. These factors combine to give this particular grade of flooring an extremely unique and one of a king characteristic that is not only unable to be matched by brand new flooring options, but is also sure to consistently impress all of your guests and visitors.

As part of this, you can look for antique flooring that features a mixture of red and white oak for simply irresistible charm. And for even more charm you can also look for antique options that are actually milled from old barn and house boards, creating a very rustic appeal that will warm your senses and create a very inviting home environment. In addition, other antique flooring options for oak floors includes scattered nail and spike holes which also add a great degree of authentic appeal. You may even be able to find some that feature sporadic worm hole patterns and insect scars for an even greater degree of realism.

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